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Rack repair fixes damaged uprights, the most common type of safety concern found in warehouses. This can include damaged posts, damaged struts, or a combination of both. This damage typically occurs when forklifts hit the upright while turning down an aisle or loading a pallet into a bay.

Since the rack system is engineered into one structure, even slight damage can compromise the integrity of the system. Therefore, addressing damaged uprights is critical.

An alternative to replacing a damaged upright is repairing it. Rack repair is an alternative to replacing a damaged upright. It removes and replaces only the damaged portion of the upright. This results in less unloading and operational downtime.

RCS is a woman owned and operated, WBE certified company that offers professional rack repair services. Our rack repair service complies with all rack safety regulatory requirements. Read below to learn more about rack repair.

Why Choose Rack Repair
Over Rack Replacement?

Because the rack system consists of many components engineered together, replacing damaged uprights is often a time-consuming process of unloading many bays, dismantling the rack, and reconstructing a large portion of the system.
However, rack repair removes and reinstalls only the damaged portion of the rack. This results in the following benefits over rack replacement:

01 Less downtime for warehouse operations

02 Unloading of fewer products.

03 Less dismantling of products integrated into the rack system, such as decking and crossbars.

04 A stronger, more abuse-resistant product is installed.

05 Less likely to create interference with fire protection and electrical.

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How the Rack Repair Process Works

RCS’ rack repair service complies with all regulatory requirements. These requirements are set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI).

01 Step One

First, our rack safety team identifies which uprights require repair through our rack safety inspections. Once the damage is identified and repairs are approved, our installers return to the site to complete the repairs.

02 Step Two

Product should be removed from the bays as necessary prior to the repair. The number of bays to decant is dependent on the height of the damaged location.

Once products are removed, the rack is unbolted from the floor. The installer then lifts the rack via a special jack.

03 Step Three

The damaged portion of the rack is then cut off. Which parts of the upright that are removed may differ, dependent on the scope of the damage. For example, sometimes only one column is damaged, whereas other times both the columns and struts are damaged.

04 Step Four

The corresponding rack repair kit is then installed to the existing rack upright. Alignment is checked, and the rack is anchored back into the floor.

The result is a damage free, code complaint upright that is stronger than the original.

Rack Repair Kit Options
for all Types of Rack


Roll Formed Steel Rack Kits

  • 10-gauge steel construction.
  • Standard sizes range from 24″ to 84″ in 12″ increments.
  • Small size of 6” is available.
  • All bolted installation with Grade 5 hardware.
  • 1/4″-thick steel connection channels for rigid installation.
  • 4″ x 12″ x 5/16″-thick footplate.
  • Installs with two 3/4″ diameter anchors to eliminate column twisting.
  • Over 12 punch patterns available.
  • High-quality powder coat finish.
    Available in custom heights and colors.
    Custom/seismic footplates available.
    Optional 1/4″-thick x 12″ high V-nose deflector for increased defense against forklift damage.
    Optional heavy-gauge, flush-welded deflector available for improved aisle clearance.

Structural Steel Rack Kits

  • Structural, 1/4″-thick closed-tube design.
  • Our strongest single column repair kit.
  • Available in 3″ or 4″ column widths.
  • 4″ x 12″ x 5/16″-thick footplate.
  • Custom/seismic footplates available.
  • Optional 1/4″-thick x 4″ high V-nose deflector provides increased defense against forklift damage.
  • High-quality powder coat finish.
  • Custom heights and colors available.

RCS is a team of experts who
are well versed
in Rack Repair


Combined years of experience project managing material handling systems


Combined years of experience engineering material handling systems


Combined years of experience implementing material handling system safety regulations

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