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Warehouse and Rack System Services

We stay active in material handling industry associations to ensure our services are up to date with industry best practices.

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We offer our services for warehouse structures, pallet rack systems, multi-level material handling systems, and automated material handling systems.


Warehouse Racking Permit Support

RCS provides permitting support services for high pile storage permits, life safety permits, sprinkler permits, and electrical permits. Our service ensures that all codes and standards set forth by the International Code Council (ICC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and other governing documents are adhered to
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Warehouse Lighting Systems

We source and install ceiling mounted and in-rack lighting systems for both new and existing warehouses. We can also relocate existing lighting.
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Warehouse Sprinkler Systems

We take all steps necessary to provide you with a safe, compliant material handling system. As part of our life safety evaluations, we determine where all sprinkler heads should be placed.
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Rack Protection for Warehouses

We supply and install the highest quality pallet rack protection products from top manufacturers. We can also identify where protection products should be installed to comprehensive protection from forklift impacts.
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Pallet Rack Installation

Material handling systems require proper installation for safe operation. RCS maintains a nationwide network of installers, all of whom we’ve thoroughly vetted to meet the highest standards for quality of workmanship.
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Rack Repair

RCS provides rack repair in accordance with ANSI/RMI safety standards. Rack repair is an alternative to replacing a damaged upright. It removes and replaces only the damaged portion of the upright.
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Rack Safety Inspections

RCS provides professional rack safety inspections to ensure that your rack system complies with ANSI/RMI safety standards. Our experts analyze a rack system, locate all possible risks, and make suggestions to help you increase employee safety and asset protection.
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Why work with us

RCS is a team of experts that thoroughly understand the requirements of material handling systems.

We apply this knowledge to all our services. Where applicable, we partner with other industry experts to ensure our line of material handling system services is comprehensive and to the highest industry standards.

Our project managers and engineers prioritize communication. We make sure all involved parties have a full understanding of what to expect throughout the process and provide updates as the project progresses.

Case Studies and Articles

Close up of sprinkler head in a warehouse catwalk system

How Do Fire Sprinklers Work: Each Part Explained 

Fire sprinklers are an essential part to keeping your facility safe. Check out our guide that explains how sprinklers work, their different parts, and how to make sure you are code compliant.

Warehouse catwalk system with in-rack lighting and sprinklers

Working with a Systems Integrator on Catwalk Racking Project

A material handling systems integrator hired RCS as a subcontractor to help with several aspects of their catwalk rack project. These include lighting, sprinklers, rack installation, and permitting support. Read how RCS worked with the integrator to streamline their project.

Pallet racking with arrows depicting transverse flue spaces

Flue Spaces 101: A Guide to the Different Types & Benefits

Don’t let flue spaces go overlooked in your building design. Check out our guide that explains the different types of flue spaces and their benefits for fire safety.

pallet rack system with overhead lighting

Lighting and Fan Relocation

Contributing Authors: Lori Palmer and Joe Kane Concern: Problematic lighting and fan placement in existing warehouse An IT company was working with a material handling systems integrator to build a new selective rack system. The system would hold pallets of IT equipment that is used to replenish the company’s data centers. The selective rack system […]

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