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Contributing Authors: Lori Palmer and Joe Kane

Concern: Problematic lighting and fan placement in existing warehouse

An IT company was working with a material handling systems integrator to build a new selective rack system. The system would hold pallets of IT equipment that is used to replenish the company’s data centers.

The selective rack system would be in an existing building that included an existing ceiling-mounted lighting system as well as ceiling-mounted fans and fire alarm system.

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The lighting and fan placement was not optimal for the rack system layout for the following reasons:

  1. The lighting did not line up over the rack system’s picking aisles. Therefore, the lighting would be drowned out by the products and not sufficiently light the aisles. This causes an unsafe environment for employees to navigate the system.
  2. Many of the ceiling fans were in areas where the rack system would be built. The large fans hung low enough to obstruct the rack system’s top bays in those locations. Therefore, the company was going to lose pallet positions. Relocation of the fans presented an additional obstacle since the fire alarm system was wired into the fans.

Solution: Relocation of lighting and fans

The material handling system integrator approached RCS to provide a solution for these two issues.

RCS reviewed the CADD drawings provided by the integrator. RCS also conducted an onsite assessment with the integrator.

Based on the information gathered, RCS provided a quote for the following scope of work:

  1. Relocation of the ceiling lights to be above the aisles of the rack system. This included rewiring the electrical system attached to the applicable lights.
  2. Relocation and rewiring of all ceiling fans that were obstructing the rack system.
  3. Disabling and rewiring the fire alarm system. 

Once the scope of work was approved, RCS assigned a project manager. The RCS project manager was the sole point of contact for the integrator, maintaining communication throughout RCS’s scope of the project. 

The project manager worked with the integrator to develop a timeline for services that worked with the integrator’s schedule. They then coordinated the relocation crews and all communication through completion. 

RCS completed the lighting, fan, and fire alarm system relocation on time. This allowed the integrator to complete the project on time for their customer.

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