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Including pallet rack protection products in your rack system is a must to avoid or lessen the severity of damage caused by forklift impact. Protection products should not be viewed as accessories to your system, but as essential items that serve the important function of keeping employees safe and your assets protected.

RCS has extensive knowledge in determining where protection products should be incorporated to provide comprehensive protection of your pallet rack system. We supply and install the highest quality pallet rack protection products from top manufacturers.

RCS is a woman owned and operated, WBE certified company. We work with end users, manufacturers, dealers, and contractors to provide a safe, compliant material handling system.

Why Use Pallet Rack

Unfortunately, rack damage within a warehouse is common. This damage typically occurs when a forklift accidently hits the rack while turning down aisles, navigating narrow aisles, or loading a pallet into a bay. Some of this damage is not obvious and therefore goes unreported or gets overlooked. However, even the slightest damage can critically compromise the integrity of a rack system.

Rack protection products will significantly improve the safety of your warehouse by preventing or lessening the severity of rack damage. This will help you avoid the cost of halting operations in that area to repair or replace the damaged rack.

Most importantly, pallet rack protection can help avoid a rack collapse. A collapse may result in harm to employees and most likely damage to products beyond repair.

Pallet Rack Protection Products

It’s important to consider that there are several types of rack protection and that they are not designed to do the same job. Therefore, incorporating multiple types will provide the most benefit.

Below are the most common types of pallet rack protection products provided by RCS.

01 Column Guards

02 End of Row Protection

03 Down Aisle Protection

04 Frame Extensions

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Pallet Rack protection
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01 Step One

An RCS expert will determine where all sprinklers should be located to satisfy local municipality requirements.

We will provide this information to all applicable parties to have this included in the CADD drawings.

02 Step Two

We will determine if a high pile storage permit is required. If required, we will provide a high pile storage drawing containing all life safety information, including sprinkler and fire protection information. This is then submitted to the municipality for approval.

03 Step Three

Once all drawings are completed and all required permits are obtained, RCS engineers will source sprinklers from our network of approved vendors based on requirements and cost. We’ll work with all necessary parties to install these.

RCS is a team of experts who are
well versed in pallet rack protection


Combined years of experience project managing material handling systems


Combined years of experience engineering material handling systems


Combined years of experience implementing material handling system safety regulations

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